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The Man Within: Echoes of Silence
Released 14th March 2014
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Echoes of Silence is Aescer's official first album. It contains re-recordings and edits of tracks found throughout what is now known as The Man Within Trilogy (The Man Within, Dreams and Beauty of Feeling). Aescer started the Man Within project towards the end of his time at Huddersfield University. He had a large collection of songs and in various styles and he slowly collated them and setup his label Shallow Water Records to release them across three different albums. Whilst working on Nature vs Nurture he became disassociated with a lot of the tracks found on the Trilogy and felt that they misrepresented him and at the start of 2014 he officially removed the album from his label. A handful of the songs he scrapped entirely, feeling they were much too “poppy” and “the lyrics didn’t fit with the music”. He began putting what was left together into a single themed album which became Echoes of Silence.

A few tracks were put aside as they didn’t fit the theme and some others were merged together (such as Echoes of Silence and Dreams becoming Echoes of Dreams). Aescer really struggled in getting the album into a structure that worked. With so much material the album became quite long and he had to lose the majority of an instrumental - Awakening - which can be heard linking Beauty of Feeling and Leaving Home together. He later released the piece as a video only track as an album promo. 5 Mile Walk (which was rewritten and now appears on Glass Labyrinth) was the most notable track that was removed but kept aside. Aescer felt that “the song was about something that didn’t fit the theme of the other tracks. It was an important track and I didn’t want to completely scrap it, but it wasn’t the right time to release it.” The album looks at the concept of identity, something Aescer was struggling with and looked into further on his follow up album Nature vs Nurture which he was working on at the time of releasing Echoes of Silence. The double-barrelled name was used to link it to his old material, but he view Echoes of Silence as the primary album title.