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From the Ash Tree: Introducing Aescer
Released 27th April 2018
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After a break since the release of Nature vs Nurture, From the Ash Tree is an 8 track introducing CD as a precursor to Aescer's 3rd album Glass Labyrinth. From the Ash tree is a perfect way to get to know Aescer's music up to Nature vs Nurture. It contains 4 tracks remastered from previous releases, an acoustic recording of Butterflies a cover of Tube Music (written by Aescer's brother) and two original tracks exclusive to From the Ash Tree.


Mhairi Jackson - Backing Vocals on Narcissus (track 1)
Eloise Kerry - Backing Vocals on Coloured Lights (track 8)
Christine Avis - Cello on Self Destruct (track 6)
Tube Music (track 3) written by Chris Ford
All other tracks written by Aescer
All recorded and produced by Aescer
Recorded at The Lake Studio, Shallow Water Studios
Tracks 1, 6, 7 and 8 remastered by Imrae
Tracks 2, 3, 4 and 5 mastered by Imrae
Artwork by Aescer

Released 27th April 2018, Album Length 37 minutes
Shallow Water Records SWR0016
all material is owned © by Michael Ford at Shallow Water Music
Including but not limited to all Music, Lyrics and Artwork. MMXVIII