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Narcissus EP
Released 30th December 2013
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Narcissus is the second official EP from Aescer following Lost Kingdom (2011). Similar to Lost Kingdom it follows a specific set of reording restrictions, this time sticking to electronic instruments (except for the voice) in the studio. With the exception of a few guitar parts everything was sequenced and engineered in the studio with almost no recording. The EP was written to push Aescers boundaries of electronic music, focuing more on tracks such as A Great Deceiver (The Man Within) and to work as an introduction to the 4th album Nature vs Nurture (2014). It was the first official collaboration of Imraescer outside Broken Console.

The artwork is dramatic representation of the albums themes of indulgence, depicting a girl surround by alcohol, cigarettes, and a hypodermic needle. Unlike Lost Kingdom but following his other three albums, it was designed by Aescer who tried to capture as many elements of self destructive self indulgence as possible. The artwork was designed to provoke rather than represent Aescer's own experiences. The photo features model Emily Tesh.

All tracks written and recorded by Aescer
Album Produced by Imrasescer
Addition drum programming by Imrae
Vocals on Track 1 performed by Mhairi Jackson
Artwork Designed by Michael Ford, with thanks to Emily Tech
Recorded and Mastered at The Lake Studio - Shallow Water Studios