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Nature vs Nurture
Released 26th October 2014
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Nature vs Nurture is Aescer’s 2nd official studio album. It was started in 2012 just after he released the now unavailable last album to “The Man Within” trilogy. Whilst writing and recording Aescer took a new approach and as the album progressed he got more and more disillusioned with his previous material. As the album recording drew to a close he quickly withdrew his previous trilogy and rereleased them as a single (and officially his debut) album, leaving space for Nature vs Nurture to find it’s place.

The album is much more intimate then Aescer’s previous material. Although the concept of the album is a fictional story, it draws heavily on Aescer’s own mental health and the final track - “Cri de Coeur” takes a step out of the story and was written as honestly as possible. During the writing process Aescer was struggling with his health and said he “found performing some of the songs very difficult. They were correct at the time of writing but during the immediate aftermath of the album just seemed wrong. A had to scrap a handful of songs from set-lists for a time.”