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Along with his solo career, Aescer plays in a handful of bands and other projects. Check them out here and click the logo for more info:


Aescer's Instrument: Bass Guitar


Poor Man's Gun is an Indie Rock and Punk band from Huddersfield. It features Oliver Bray on Vocals, Calum Bowling on Guitar, Aescer on Bass Guitar and Will Poulter on Drums. The band was formed in 2015 by Olliver, Aescer and then Drummer Tadas. The band adjusted lineup a couple of times to it's current lineup and is about to release it's first official demo with a longer EP in the wings. The band gig regularly in and around Huddersfield.



Aescer's Instrument: Percussion


The Back Pockets is a new huddersfield band, formed by Rob Mear jamming with various people until a band was formed, consisting of Rosy McQuillan on Vocals, Stephanie Reading on Wind, Rob Mear on Guitar, Corey Clough-Howard on Double Bass and Aescer on Percussion. The band is currently working towards it's first gig, performing jazz standards, swing and rock covers.



Aescer's Instrument: Drums


Broken Console was Aescer's first band. Formed by Adam Jackson (Imrae) and Sacha Scott in 2006, and Adam brought Aescer involved shortly afterwards. Broken Console is an experimental prog rock band. They released their first EP in 2008 which was some live recordings of improvisational instrumentals. The band have new material in store, but having moved to other parts of the country are currently on a hiatus.



Aescer's Instrument: Keyboards


Tree is an artist from Leeds. Aescer started playing with her in 2016 and has done a few gigs with her.