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Aescer also works as a session musician, both live and in the studio.

He has worked with various artists and bands, and has an array of his own equipment

Aescer is based in the Huddersfield area and works around Yorkshire and the North West, from Liverpool, through to Manchester, Leeds and Yok.

Check out some more information about specific instruments below, with more videos to follow.

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Aescer is currently the keyboardist for Leeds based alternative artist Tree. He has also done work with Huddersfield metal band Bad Pollyanna.

Along with most common keyboard styles Aescer works with both analaogue and digital synthesisers, sequencers and drum machines/groove boxes, samplers, vocal processers and most forms of electronics including complex MIDI setups and time coded setups. He will also offer rhythm guitar if needed by the artist when booked for keyboard work.

He equipment includes a Kurzweil PC3x, Roland Juno-G, M-Audio Axiom 61, Alesis SR18 Drum Machine and an Akai MPX16 Sampler.

Aescer plays bass guitar in his Huddersfield rock band Poor Man's Gun.

As a bass player Aescer is heavily influenced by Justin Chancellor of Tool and Chris Wolstenholme of Muse. He mostly works in Prog, Rock, Rock, Punk and Pop, but can play in a variety of styles; predominently playing with fingers but will play with a pick if required.

He plays a 5-String Dean Edge with soap bar picks and a top C string. His pedal board includes an Eden WTDI Preamp, EHX Bass Big Muff, Digitech Bass Whammy and Source Audio Manta Filter pedal.

Aescer currently plays drums in his Huddersfield Jazz band The Back Pockets. He also used to drum with long time friend Imrae in London prog. rock band Broken Console who are currently on hiatus.

He learned classical percussion and plays an array of world perucssion and hand percussion instruments. As a drummer Aescer works with Rock, Pop, Prog and Electronic. He is happy to play with a click track when required for time based instruments and FX.

Aescer has a large array of drums and percussion alongside his kit, both acoustic and electronic. For further details please drop him an email.